Friday 13 sept.

Food and drinks
Join the openingsday of the 8th International Futurologic Symposium. The central theme is ReFraming Environmentalism. Today's theme: Hybrid Spaces.

Food by Mik le Chef
Food by Mik le Chef Vega Curry with rice 11,50e (with chicken: 1e extra)

Madam Bruno Madam Bruno
Performance by Madam Bruno

Cato Fluitsma

Erik Hobijn Erik Hobijn
Antropocene bos

Marco de Goede
Future of Ruigoord
Hybrid Spaces: Marco de Goede about (the future of) Ruigoord

Aja Waalwijk
Hybrid Spaces: Aja Waalwijk about het Brettenpad

Alies Fernhout Alies Fernhout
De Boterbloem
Hybrid Spaces: Alies Fernhout about Boerderij de Boterbloem

Lutkemeer polder Lutkemeer polder
About the eviction of Lutkemeerpolder
Hybrid Spaces: Safe Lutkemeer Polder

Extinction Rebellion

Masja Ottenheim

Jordan Zinovich
About Free Space in Canada

Harun Wolf Trepte

Merlijn Twaalfhoven Merlijn Twaalfhoven
Practical Heroism

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