Every two year we organize an international Futurological Symposium aimed at meeting and exchanging knowledge about a specific urgent theme. In continuation of the previous editions: Degentrification: Countercultural contestations of space in the city (2017) and Reframing Environmentalism (2019) is this year’s theme Towards the Symbiocene? Which steps are crucial for reaching the symbiocene. The key question is: “How to enter a future that fosters the mutual benefit for all living beings and ecosystems”.

The aim of the symposium is to help to pave the way towards the symbiocene with free cultural spaces as a testing ground. The three-day symposium wants to make a statement about the importance of free cultural spaces on the way to this entangled life.
Free cultural spaces are spaces of the imagination and often play a pioneering role in living in harmony with each other and working together towards a sustainable future for all living beings: a more-than-human-future.

Persbericht FCS Amsterdam 2023