Boom (Portugal)

Boomland is an 150ha estate in the region of Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal, 280 km from Lisbon. It’s there since 1997 and is an independent event, free of corporate sponsorship, state-funding or political affiliations. The organisation of Boom owns the land on which it takes place. Part of their mission entails funding social initiatives in the region and beyond;such as the Boom Karuna Project: A charity project that supports positive social action around the world.
A truly psychedelic global gathering of music, arts, culture & hands-on sustainability Psychedelic: consciousness expanding, mind manifesting, channeling new visions through art and music.
Boom’s ethos is based on nine principles: Alternative culture; Active participation, creativity, Interdependence, Peace, Love, Oneness, Social Awareness, SustainabilityMusic is sacred and dance floors are temples for transcending the limitations of our egos. Music and dance reconnect us to our divine essence and synch us with the beating heart of the planet.
Permaculture and regenerative designs are key to transforming our relation to nature and forms the foundation of Boom’s Environmental Program. 

In music we trust!”