For many years August Dirks was the captain of the Azart, also known as The Ship of Fools. For thirty-three years Azart sailed around the world as a traveling theater with a changing crew of actors, artists and musicians. They performed absurdist performances for children and adults in the ports of Cape Verde, Greece and Russia. Until September 12, 2021. “The miracle became true: The Ship of Fools is on the beach”, Dirks wrote in his logbook. “Fifty-seven nautical miles south of the equator and a hundred and fifty meters beyond the Pacific Ocean.” In three acts he describes the last journey of the Azart. “A happy end. A very expensive performance but very memorable, all the more so because the ship is on wheels again and thus returns to its historical origin as a wheel barge or ship cart, in other words the most exuberant cart of the carnival parade.”

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