Christiania (Denmark)

Founded in 1971, Christiania is a community grounded in diversity and as a creative self-governing system that centers around a unique kind of shared responsibility and inclusion. Today, the freetown is home to around 1,000 people, but it is also one of Denmark’s top attractions and a must-see for visitors.…

52 years have passed since local residents, dreamers and hippies tore down the fence and occupied the disused military base in central Copenhagen, giving birth to the urban Freetown of Christiania.

You are invited to participate in ensuring Christiania’s status as public heritage. The autonomous Freetown of Christiania has reached an agreement with the Danish state after many years of struggle and negotiations. A new Christiania fund bought the area free. The purchase of a Christiania Share has to be seen as a donation supporting buying the Freetown through the Fund for Christiania. As such, it’s of greater worth than money.

Christiania will continue to contribute to Copenhagen and the rest of the world. The Freetown insists on embracing the millions of guests from home and abroad, being a self-managing experiment and an unruly urban park. Christiania wants to include those who are not accepted anywhere else, create quirky culture and build beautiful houses that the underprivileged can afford to live in.