Edwin Gardner (NL)

Edwin Gardner is co-founder of Amsterdam based futurology practice Studio Monnik and de Chrononauten en de Atlas van het Lange Nu an almost weekly Dutch newsletter about our historic-futuristic research, future scenarios and speculative peculiars. Together with fellow futurist Christiaan Fruneaux and graphic novelist Jan Cleijne he is working on a richly illustrated guide titled Alles komt goed, Amsterdam 2093, Indrukken uit de Gewortelde Tijd (to be published with Concerto Books). The publication will show an inclusive and regenerative Amsterdam could work at the the end of this century, and what it could like. Through anecdotes and impressions about how people work, learn, live and find meaning in a possible and, according to them, a desirable future. During the symposium Edwin will show how Amsterdam, in their book, has changed after The Cooperative Revolution, The Second Domestication and The Great Rewilding. A world in which Skinfarmers, Mysceliummasters, Biohackers, Materialbrewers and Ecosystem engineers collaborate through Guild-platforms and Cooperative networks. 

de Chrononauten en de Atlas van het Lange Nu