Oliver Szasz (G)

Prof. Oliver Szasz is co-founder of Symbio(s)cene, a non-profit organisation with the vision to contribute to shaping a new mindset that promotes thinking beyond the Anthropocene. The distinctive proposition of Symbio(s)cene is a holistic approach that interconnects sciences and arts – giving space to both cognitive and emotional dimensions of knowledge – in order to foster sustainable human-nature relationships and thus open up new perspectives for a livable future for all living beings. Oliver Szasz holds a professorship for design at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, where he directs the international master’s programme in design management. His research focuses on approaches and methods to promote transdisciplinary engagement and critical dialogue among the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities with the objective of facilitating regenerative innovation and organizational as well as societal transformation. Oliver Szasz is also co-founder and managing director of Culturesphere, a consultancy and gallery based in Munich, with a focus on the material agency of art, craft and design in the context of ecology and innovation.