Wolf Trepte (G)

Wolf Trepte Is a so called multicultural artist. One of his works of art is/was an everlasting and transitory in the same time mosaic of scatted sand, pigment and woodwall, called ‘sandjewel’ (‘Sandjuwel’ in German). He is a longtime activist in and for several Free Cultural Spaces and Places, from Berlin via Doel, Ruigoord, Christiania to Mongolia and other hot-spots. He is involved with The (Friends of the) Green Horse Society for Mongolian Modern Art. Over the years he delivered catching speeches at festivals, gatherings and symposia. In his garden plot, „Little Mongolia“ Wolf is experimenting with low dosed fertilizer without artificials. He is specialized in fruit trees and berrys. Wolf thinks, that one life is almost to short to find out the miracles of Permaculture. He wants to talk about Permaculture as a neccessary opposition to the planned agricultural desasters.