Program 12th october

19.15      Opening, welcome and introduction
.                 Aja Waalwijk (NL), Futurological Symposium
19.30      Maik ter Veer (NL), Robodock
19.45      Andreas Rodenbach (Lithuania), Uzupis
20.00     Jonas Larsen (Denmark), Institut for (X)
20.15      Hans Plomp (NL), Ruigoord
20.30     Break
20.45     Wouter van Gent (NL), University Of Amsterdam (UVA)
.                 Politics and gentrification in Amsterdam
21.15       Marthe Singelenberg (NL),
.                 Gentrification in Red Light district Amsterdam and London
21.45      Manifest in action 1 – discussion by Menno Grootveld (NL)
22.30     Comments by Gabriel Kousbroek (NL)
.                 Q&A Radio Rukstad (NL)

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