Side sessions / workshops / talks

Talk by Enter the Void: about Underground youth culture in Riga, Berlin, Budapest and Amsterdam Talk by  Inura  : International Network for Urban Research and Action Workshop by TNI  : Transnational Institute about Transformative Cities and reclaiming Public services Talk : Gentrification and nightlife with people from  ADEV  and N8BM Amsterdam Talk with Abraham Vega about the destructive force of […]

(Anti)gentrification dynamics in Berlin: a case

(1) gentrification  dynamics in Berlin, (2) anti-gentrification-protest and campaigns, and (3) political instruments and strategies to protect tenants from  displacement. Dr. Andrej Holm (born 1970) successly completed his Diplom degree in social sciences at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin in 1997. He was awarded his doctorate at the same insitution in 2005, having worked on […]