Alan Dearling

Alan Dearling has written over 40 books and many hundreds of magazine articles. He has specialised in writing with Travellers and other people involved in the more alternative festivals, environmental and music events in the UK, Australia, Netherlands, Lithuania and Denmark. He has been actively involved in all the international Free Cultural Spaces (FCS) Symposia.

Another Kind of Space’ – the stories behind the book, co-compiled by Alan Dearling

Many people around the world have chosen, or, been forced into living in different kinds of dwelling. Over a period of about 3 years, Alan Dearling and Graham Meltzer made contact and visited many of these people and encouraged them to write about their experiences.

Alan will re-tell some of these ‘stories’, and show photos of some of these people and their homes. They include a range of divergent lifestyles, homes and ‘other ways of living’. Some of the contributions were from internationally famous green architects and people who wanted to develop and explore technological solutions to environmental spaces. Others were artists, free spirits and nomads. Powerful individualists, seeking new inspiration through communal living, experimentation and sustainable developments.


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